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Lisa Moreau

Office Manager/ Receptionist/Instructor

Clearly the fundamental operational expert in Clinical setting. Without which the office would fail to function!

Lisa manages day to day operations. Is the office liaison with Medical Practitioners regarding the benefit of Shock wave Therapy for their patients rehabilitative care. Coordinator of Shockwave therapy Instruction courses. Liaison for Insurance ,Government and Professional Associations.

  • Worked in the financial industry for 18 yrs.
    • Branch level Supervisor for Loan Administration
    • Implementation Team member of 5 member team responsible to transition Financial Institute to a Centralized System.
    • Lead 35+ staff in 5 high volume departments from Loan Renewals, Life & Disability Claims, Loan Payouts & Discharges
    • Subject matter expert in development of Automated Loan renewal documentation system for Financial Institute.
    • Project member on Provincial Roll out for Administration redesign 
    • Business Analyst- Electronic Banking
  • Owner/ Operator of  Successful Esthetics and Nail Salon -Calgary
  • Owned and Operated successful clinics in multiple locations:
    •  Calgary, Strathmore, Brooks, AB
  • Working toward Certification in Aromatherapy.
    • This continues to be a field of study that Lisa has a passion for.
  • Instructs Therapists in Business Fundamentals to incorporate Shockwave Therapy into practice.

121 Second Ave Po Box 2387

Strathmore, AB T1P 1K3

Phone: 403-983-3675 Fax: 403-983-3678

Active Solutions for Health Inc.

C. Brent Moreau RMT, C.Ped

Clinic Director/ SWT Instructor

Nationally recognized Therapist (NHPC) specializing in chronic pain management and repetitive strain injuries within the sporting and occupational sectors.

  • Certified Pedorthist and member of PFA Canada and American Board for certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthists 2013
  • Certified Myofascial  Release Therapist 2008
  • Certified K-taping Therapist 2011
  • Certified Sports Trainer  2006
  • Recognized as foremost Radial Shockwave Therapist for Alberta, Canada, inclusive of treatment in paravertebral muscles, trigger points and fascia–Instructed by  Dr. Monsour Alvi & Dr. Ulrich Piontkowski
  • Primary Shockwave Therapy Instructor for continued Education courses offered by Active Solutions 2015
  • Facilitated seminars for First Aid Site Management -2008-present
  • Over 30 years of Public Speaking & Training experience with audiences of over 500 persons
  • Involved with Massage therapy mentorship programs
  • Owned and Operated successful clinics in multiple locations
    • Calgary, Strathmore, Brooks, AB
  • Worked in high volume Physiotherapy clinics in Calgary 2006-2010
  • Worked with High Performance/ Olympic Athletes in Preparation of Olympic games and rehabilitation.
    • Carol Huynh is a Canadian freestyle wrestler. Huynh was the first gold medalist for Canada in women's wrestling and was the first gold medalist for Canada at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
    • Cathrine Grage is a Danish Olympic speedskater, inline skater and cyclist. Grage holds the Danish records at all distances, and has set a national record of 51 national records over the individual distances since she started competing in 2005
  • Worked in business Sector for 20 years as Project Accountant, Accounting Supervisor and Procurement Officer in Multiple Industries.