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Shockwave Therapy Certification Professional Courses - please note that all course outlines for Level I Level II have been moved to a new website : www.shockwavetherapytraining.com

"Moving ahead, changing our paradigm to fit our new knowledge requires courage, flexibility, strength, and foresight. Doing so offers the potential for substantially improving our effectiveness with respect to our patients and opens up huge vistas of opportunity." 

John F. Barnes, P.T. "Myofascial Release-the search for excellence" A Comprehensive Evaluatory and Treatment Approach pg.7 pp3

" Most importantly for me this technology has extended the life of my practice by years, by taking the vast majority of "deep" work off my hands. Its like having a 300 pound strongman/therapist at your side to do all your tough work" MASSAGE THERAPY CANADA. FALL 2012